Embrace winter. Step out Into Snowshoes!

Embrace winter. Step out Into Snowshoes!

When it comes to finding ways to be one with nature during winter in the Northeast, one of the simplest is to snowshoe. Whether you live in a city like Saratoga, suburbs like Clifton Park or a more rural area like Old Forge there are parks, trails and wide-open spaces right outside your back door – or a very short drive away—that are perfect for this easy-to-learn winter sport. 

Today’s snowshoes are super lightweight and give you the ability to float on the snow as you walk on even moderate grade terrain. 

There is nothing better than a crisp, sunny winter day with a blanket of fresh snow to make you forget that even though you’re walking—you’re burning up to 500 calories an hour. It’s an amazing workout for your quads, hips, glutes and hamstrings.

Snowshoes are fit based on weight (both your body weight and anything you may be carrying) and the type of snow you’ll generally be walking in.  The team at Mountainman Outdoors are snowshoers too, so if you have questions about which brand or size would be a good fit, just ask. We carry: MSR and Tubbs snowshoes for men, women and kids – available at our Saratoga Springs and Old Forge locations.

NOTE FROM THE MOUNTAINMAN: One of our best-selling models, the Frontier from Tubbs Snowshoes, is now in stock, along with several other Tubbs models. A truly classic snowshoe in every sense! The Frontier has been a staple of the Tubb’s Trail Walking category for years and for good reason! Whether you’re a budding snowshoer or just looking to take on less intense trails and hikes, the Frontier has everything you need for your next winter excursion.

Happy trekking!