John Nemjo (President)

John purchased his first canoe, a used Indian River 14 ft. fiberglass model, in 1981 and began incessantly exploring many of Florida’s lakes, rivers and springs. His favorite being the Suwannee River of Stephen Foster fame. Since 1979 he has rafted some of the wildest western rivers including the Green, Colorado, San Juan and the Delores, and enjoys a burger and beer from Ray’s Tavern in Green River, Utah, after every trip if not before. He founded Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company in 1993 with nothing more than a fist full of confederate money and a dream. Today, Mountainman’s success speaks for itself and whenever possible, John loves to get away and paddle his secret waterways in the Adirondack Park and in Cedar Kay, FL, and yes, Utah.

Monique Masters (Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable)

From the cornfields of Lewis County to the mountains of the Adirondacks, Monique Juliette Masters has always loved the outdoors. And working at Mountainman suits her passion for being outside and on the go. You can find her skiing, hiking, camping and out on the Adirondack lakes during all seasons of the year. Her infectious smile and outgoing personality make her a lively spirit on our team and she is always keeping everyone on their toes with her quick sense of humor. ‍

Mike Schoen (Old Forge Gear, Bikes & Skis)

Mike was born in Sarasota, Florida, and moved to the Adirondacks in his early teens. He graduated from the Town of Webb High School and started working with Mountainman in 2000 while he attended Morrisville State University to pursue his Business Administration Degree. He now manages our Old Forge Gear and Rental Shops. He enjoys all forms of fishing, especially kayak fishing with his daughter, as well as hiking and Camping. He knows the local Adirondack honey-holes like the back of his hand. He's fished all his life and is happy to share his experience with customers. Don't expect him to give away the secret spots, though. Mike and his Family love living in the Adirondacks as they enjoy the quiet life and beautiful landscapes that their small mountain town has to offer.

Bill Reynolds (Tallahassee Branch Office, Marketing)

Bill found his love of the wilderness while a Boy Scout, and has been exploring it ever since. He works from his home (marketing) in Tallahassee, FL, and loves the loves visiting the forgotten places of Old Florida, where development has yet run amok. If you've attended Paddlefests in the pasts, you most likely saw him shivering in the Information Tent, wondering why it's sleeting in May. ‍

Cory Reid (Saratoga Gear Shop)

Loving the outdoors came naturally to our Saratoga Springs Gear Shop Manager, Cory Reid, at an early age. With three adventurous older brothers, Cory spent her early life hiking, fishing, riding and exploring. She was a year round athlete in high school, living in Lake Placid for a couple summers for nordic training. Cory attended Castleton State College in Vermont where she majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture. She settled in Saratoga Springs with her husband and two children. Cory has since shifted gears and enjoys getting people outside with the proper gear. She geeks out over technical fabrics and can find the appropriate footwear for all your adventures! She is a weekend warrior with her rooftop tent and fat bike in tow. Her adventures now take her from coast to coast as she visits her kids on opposite sides of the country, while still discovering all the local parks, lakes, mountains and trails our area has to offer! ‍

Nick Davis (Saratoga Springs Paddlesports)

Nick started his Outdoor Retail career not long after falling in love with the Adirondacks and its High Peaks in the early 2000’s. What started out as a means to get discounted gear became a passion for learning about the new products and technologies and helping people find the right gear for their adventures. Nick has been fortunate enough to work his way up the ladder and now runs the Saratoga Springs PaddleShop for Mountainman. He enjoys the Outdoors regardless of the sport, whether backpacking, kayaking, or simply sitting outside by the fire and he is already passing on this love for gear and the outdoors to his two sons.